Our Company Annual Gathering

This year we celebrated our annual gathering far from the city proper.

The call time is 4:00 in the morning. The service coming from Al Yarmuk(other accommodation) at 4:00am and will reach our accommodation at 4:30am. Unfortunately Filipino time; hahaha; we left from our accommodation at 5:30 am; The plan to witness the sunrise at The Hidden Canyon was never met. We reach the site around 7am. The trip takes 1.5 hrs. No any gate or entrance fee or whatsoever at the place. Its winter season but no water.

The bellow photos shows how stunning the place is;

We just take our coffee and bread at the hidden canyon afterwards we proceed to The Lake park. The trip takes 35 minutes. Many gardeners and security maintaining the beautiful park but no any entrance fee. At the park there are trees, benches, bathrooms and lake. 

The program begun with opening remarks by our HR Mr Kian.  After that awarding on various achievements. Loyalty award, Employee of the year and many more. Luckily I got one of the major prize on the raffle draw (42' Sony TV) and 50sar from STC pay. Special thanks to Grind clothing which gave some prizes for the raffle draw. 

So many parlor games we played.

Overall Its such a wonderful experience. We thankful our company for approving this kind of activity. Also to mention the food was so delicious. Thank you to Manyaman Catering.  

Please watch the video. CLICK HERE


  1. Nagpintas dita geof. Enjoy. Dim kayat agawid pinasen?

    1. saka na hehehe,. pag my extra na pangbakasyun,. saka dami pang pa ek ek sa pinas,. kaw ba

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