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Our trip to The Edge of the World, Riyadh

Danilo and I together with our friends visited Edge of the world; the newest tourist destination in Riyadh We traveled seven am and we reached the location 8:45am. We rented Mr. Fernand's car, the roads are tough and rocky. While on the trip were playing music and seeing camels passing by. Beautiful sceneries can be seen before reaching the site.  We stop over at a site wherein there is cave. As per Mr Fernand this cave usually sleep over of travelers.  The Edge of the World is an unexpected and dramatic geological wonder in the rocky desert.  If you are planning to visit the site; your car must be  4×4 vehicle.  Please watch my vlog   HERE

Red Sand, Riyadh

 Red Sand is a popular destination for expat living here in Riyadh;  Its a red sand desert wherein you can rent an ATV which cost 25-35sar/hour depending on the type of ATV. The best time to go there is during winter and early in the morning during summer season. It take 45 minutes -1 hour from Riyadh proper to Red Sand. Most of the traveler rented a private car going to the location.   I've been there for 6 times already within 5 years and its never been boring to me. Riding ATV is so much fun and trilling while going down. The exciting part also is your car stuck up and you must find a way to get out. hahahaha. Twice that ATV fall on me, luckily not a severe injury.